Community Project



 A Community Service Project offering Success tools for

Traumatized and Abused victims

My Community Project is speaking publically and sharing my personal story about child abuse and trauma. Through creating awareness and being a public voice, this is one way to stop it.I am on a mission and purpose to help make a difference. I share my story first and how I made a choice to change my life after years of horrific abuse.Throughout my lifetime, I have experienced many healing approaches and modalities. Thousands of hours of webinars, education, personal experiences and schooling have resulted into my passion to help others and designing The Success Tool Kit.By using these tools, along with your other therapeutic methods, you will be able to transform your pain into peace, love and happiness and no longer feel victimized and stuck. You will be able to create inner peace and live your life to the fullest. Through these effective tools, you will discover your purpose and build the life you deserve.

Some Examples of Tools

Forgiveness Exercises:

Forgive yourself and forgive others to free yourself.

The 4 S’s: Safety, Self love, Self care & Self talk:

Developing Self-compassion, self-esteem, setting boundaries, the power of Wordology, I am and gratitude journal and the brag wall

Your bold Act of Kindness to Self and Promise to Self, Future Self

BAP- Change your Beliefs, Attitude and Perceptions

PMSE– Physical, Mental, Spiritual and Emotional daily practices

Primary influence circle of 5

Building a Support Structure

Purpose of Life, is a Life of Purpose:

discovery and living your passion

(These tools may include individual or group processing, sharing, and homework with handouts. These tools may vary determined by group’s needs, age and requirement)

If you feel you can use my community service project in your organization, please feel free to contact me.

Joy Alboro, Holistic Healing and Transformational Coaching for Victims of Abuse and Trauma