Meet Joy

Meet Joy


Throughout my lifetime, I have been passionate about finding therapeutic approaches that actually work. Having experienced abuse, trauma and negative emotions most of my life, I was on a focused path to seek ways to heal, learn, grow and be the best in all levels in my life. So I decided to design my trainings and education to heal and empower my life, while keeping in mind to help others as a Holistic Healer and a Transformational Coach.

While attending and receiving my certification at The Academy of Healing Arts, this gave me a strong foundation and assessment of holistic approaches to begin my healing journey and practice.

Soon after, I sought a bachelor’s degree in Women’s Studies at Evergreen State College to extend my scope of understanding and working with women.

As I became more interested in holistic modalities, I decided to deepen my Spiritual and Metaphysical studies and practices with a Masters degree at the University of Metaphysical Sciences.

The more I learned the more eager I became. I next discovered hypnosis and Neuro-Linguistic Programming, and receiving a Masters certification.

As I worked with clients, I discovered that healing from the Heart and Soul was just as important than healing from the Mind. So this led me to study the Soul. Becoming a Certified Soul Coach and Past Life Regression Therapist at the Soul Coaching International Training Institute, was the next most natural step for me.As my passion and purpose continued to flourish in assisting others into their healing path and inner self-connection, I attended the Hawaii Wellness Institute to specialize in professional peer coaching.My education and trainings was designed and focused towards my own healing as well as to help others.

I am passionate about helping you to move into your greatness, inner peace, self-love and living your purpose and living passionately each moment.

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“Knowing others is intelligence; knowing yourself is true wisdom. Mastering others is strength, mastering yourself is true power.”
—Lao Tzu


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