Reiki is an ancient Japanese method from guided life force energy. This energy affects your body, mind and spirit into total well-being. I typically combine other energy techniques, such as Healing Touch, mind clearance, Qi Gong and reflexology.  Often I will enhance the treatment and will use hypnotherapy and NLP to meet my client’s needs.  After a treatment, you will feel refreshed, revitalized and a great sense of radiant existence with peace and balance.


(Neuro-Linguistic Programming) Uses the dynamics of your mind, thoughts, language and behaviors to optimize your human potential. These powerful tools can change negative thought patterns, limiting beliefs, de-emotionalize trauma and create inner peace to living your wholeness and greatness.


In a deep state of relaxation, hypnotherapy is a rapid approach to eliminating negative emotions, limiting beliefs, and assist in healing trauma, phobias, old patterns and addictions. This is one of my favorite healing techniques I use because of the remarkable results my clients receive.

Unique Healing Jewelry

Handmade by Joy, original Goddess Jewelry, Light Catchers, Pendulums and Sacred Healing Bracelets, infused with Reiki and lunar energies to supercharge each unique piece. See Products.

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