Transformational Coaching


Are you ready to take positive steps to find new ways to improve your life? Are you prepared to change your fears into courage and live your life boldly with Self-Love and fulfillment?Are you ready to be VICTORIOUS instead of just surviving?

Joy offers Transformational Coaching and Professional Peer Counseling, called FROM VICTIM TO VICTORIOUS! This includes private coaching, exercises, success proven methods, and effective processes that will change your life.

Call now for more information about this course only if you are committed to let go, heal your self and ready to live your life fully!

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From Victim to Victorious testimonies

Sessions with Joy is very fulfilling and when I’m feeling down on myself I think back to what Joy said to do and it helps me feel good about myself. I look forward to my sessions with her. It has changed my life. What I got out of the most is how to love myself.

  1. Oahu

I have been struggling for a long time dealing with my abusive past. There are many things I have done to work at this issue. Having a place where I feel safe and accepted and understood is very important for me. I feel that with Joy’s coaching and guidance can turn my life around to heal and help others.

Joy is highly qualified to guide and heal our lives. Joy is a truly Caring and Compassionate Leader and Healer

Thank you for caring about us.

  1. S., Honolulu

Joy is an amazing woman. She has come from a horrendous childhood and grown into a loving and compassionate healer. Joy has done the work herself. She knows how to guide us “From Victim to Victorious” Joy is gentle and patient and generously shares her gifts. I am now Victorious!

D.S. Honolulu

With Joy’s understanding, compassion and lessons plans, the opportunity to heal yourself is truly a gift she offers.

C.H. Oregon


Because of my horrible abuse, I felt helpless and unprotected all of my life. Working with Joy and having her loving support has allowed me to move forward and now I feel hopeful and have peace in my heart.

 K.T. Ca.

Very difficult to find what Joy is providing, and wish I found something like this years ago!

Thank you Joy for being a blessing to us!!!!!!!!

 L.A. Honolulu

Joy’s dedication to helping us is evident.  Joy is generous with the knowledge that she has gained through years of schooling and experience and is genuinely helpful.

Thank you Joy for who you are and sharing the wealth of experience and skills that you have.

Mahalo, R. M.