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Past Life Regression Therapy


 Past Life Regression Test, Buried In The Past

  • Have you ever questioned why you attract the same type of partners in your life and know or suspect what you are doing is not right or not compatible with your life. Yet, you continue to co-exist in dysfunctional routines anyway.
  • Do you recognize or feel that sometimes you don’t have a choice because that person happens to be family, like your parents or siblings or a relative.
  • Do you wonder why you have unexplained phobias, physical conditions, limiting self-beliefs.

Past Life Regression Hypnosis

Hypnosis and Past Life Regression Therapy

Memories or imaginary memories create an impact in our lives. The (metaphysical) concept of ‘cellular memories’ postulates that every cell in the human body carries memories of the individual. In fact much as our DNA represents or contains all genetic instructions of the organism, the cells also seem to be a holographic representation of memories and metaphysical aspects of the ‘being’ (or person).

Example: Have you ever had the feeling of knowing a person or being in a place that seem all to familiar, is it D’eja’vu or have you tapped into your metaphysical energy.

The therapist will work with the client to induce a light or deeper hypnosis depending on how deep they allow themselves to go. The deeper state of mind allows for less resistance to enter into past life experiences.

Once in a complete relaxed state, the client is asked a series of questions to recall a particular past life. While in that state, these questions gently guide and tap into unresolved issues that are not complete or forgiven and helps to work on what needs to be said that was not expressed or addressed. A session can be life changing as it allows the person to have a better understanding of the situation.

There can be a wide range of negative to positive emotions. The intention is always to resolve, complete, and find solutions to move on to a better and peaceful current life.

There can also be emotional and physical pain in the process, but the therapist can always guide the client to rise above the past life and just be an observer (the state of observation), then work to heal that event to completion.

The Benefits of Past Life Regression

 A profound and life-changing experience

A session can change the memory or change the outlook of the memory into a different perspective and transform the experience from a negative one to changing the context into a positive one.

Increasing awareness allows for understanding why we do what we do 

A large benefit of past life regression is the increase of spiritual awareness. PLR allows us to see and experience our eternalness and to view the events of prior lives from the perspective of the forgiving seeker.

This is an enlightening, spiritual, mind and body experience that can improve physical illnesses, phobias, living in fear, inadequate feelings and relationship issues.Past-Life-Regression-Therapy3

The Freedom To Live

Past Life Regression Therapy is a close spiritual and personal view of how important we are to the Universe and how connected we all are to the creation of mankind. We are not here randomly or by accident but are, most importantly, spiritual couriers from the non-physical realm.

Possessing this viewpoint and knowledge opens up new possibilities and opportunities for us and positively influences the choices we make every day. Seeing ourselves from a collective perspective creates positive changes in how we relate to ourselves, to others and to our Universe.

From this, creates love, inner peace and validates how valuable the human walk experience is for each of us and what an extreme honor is it to be alive during this lifetime.

Healing Gemstones Therapy


Healing gemstones have been used in ancient times for countless centuries for spiritual, emotional and physical healing. The practice of therapeutic gemstones continues to be respected and practiced by alternative, complimentary healers, such as Massage Therapists, Reiki and Healing Touch Practitioners, Energy and Spell Workers.


Healing Gemstones Properties

Curiosity and the general beauty of healing gemstones attracts people, but the real question is, why and how do healing gemstones and their properties work?

Keep in mind that everything and everyone has  natural vibrations and unique rhythms. Like wise, each healing gemstone holds a specific energy and vibration that contains healing abilities. With mass consciousness and awareness, such as (wearing healing gemstones) touching the body, the energy and vibrations of theses stones increases. Therefore a desired attraction or focused intention is believed to intensify particular healing gemstones.

Although a bit mysterious, gemstones have a multitude of healing properties. There actually are healing gemstones that have energetic properties to create prosperity, balance in life, love, peace, focus, anti-depression, cleansing, inspiration, motivation and harmony just to name a few.

Healing Gemstones Energy images-2

Using healing gemstones and minerals from the planet increases our inner wisdom and consciousness. Our bodies have the ability to heal with our own energy, just as plants and animals do.

Additionally, the energetic frequencies and properties of multiple stone energies, synergizes the patterns of ones own energy field. This energetic synergy can affect and facilitate powerful multiple purification healings and cleansings.

For example, the combination of black tourmaline, garnet, malachite and tigers eye, are considered resilient energy stones. By wearing this combination of healing gemstones the energy of being grounded, centered, focused and energetic resonates.

Choosing Healing Gemstones

When choosing healing gemstones allow your instincts, intuition, inner guidance and self -wisdom assist you.  You know what your body needs, trust and just give it a chance to feel you.

Dr. Bruce Lipton, the famous genetic scientist that authored the book, The Biology of Belief, scientifically proved that your perception controls your beliefs and if you believe that a particular stone will assist you in your healing, then it will.

Each person resonates at a unique frequency and is naturally drawn to certain healing gemstones based on where they are at their time in life. Listen to your intuitions, a healing gemstone with the right frequency is often selected by personal touch.

Healing Gemstones For Conditions

Ancient Egypt, powdered Malachite was used on wounds because of the high concentration of copper, which reduces swelling and inflammation. Copper acts as a powerful detoxifier that also relieves aching joints and muscles when applied to wounds.

The golden color of the citrine and the green color of Aventurine are high vibration healing gemstones. The Chinese highly regarded colorful healing gemstones such as Citrine, Jade and Aventurine as the healing gemstones of prosperity and abundance for centuries.

Healing Gemstones for Anxiety

  • Citrine: helps with relaxation
  • Aqua Marine: rebalances the emotions
  • Aventurine: helps with safety and trust

Healing Gemstones for the Heart

  • Aventurine: a stone for the fifth charka
  • Green Apatite: nurtures the heart
  • Smokey Quartz: clears negative energy and blocks
  • Healing Gemstones for Depression
  • The blend of Citrine, Tiger’s Eye, Turquoise and Honey Jade aligns a dramatic balance of vitality and ability to maintain balance in your mentality of positive energies to empower peace and serenity.

Healing Gemstones for Joint Pain

  • Chrysocolla and Carnelian are excellent for relieving and calming joint pain and accelerates healing while Malachite’s high level of copper is effective in supporting bone density growth and reduces acidification of tissues that causes arthritis.

Healing Gemstones for Strength and Energy

  • Onyx, the stone of strength, and Carnelian and Garnet for energy, are super-charged by the Magnetic Hematite to create a very powerful and empowering bracelet.